Community Experiences
We believe movement and soul-family gatherings are essential to wellness
at the very least, they have been an integral part of our happiness routine !

Musikal education for kids

This activity was especially created for the minis in our family. It’s an amazing alternative for children's artistic, social, and motor development. The objective is to introduce children to the world of music through different activities including games, playing musical instruments, dancing and singing.We are all about wellness at Ikal, and believe music is an integral part of it. Introducing children to music classes from a young age has many benefits including improved memory, attention and focus. It also stimulates imagination and creativity, reinforces language and motor skills, along with being a great way to start socializing.You are more than welcome to bring your own instruments if they are easy to carry, but don't worry if you don't have any, we will have plenty to share with you !

Yoga by the sea at Ikal Tulum

Chorus lessons

During this class we will learn to sing a selection of songs from all over the world, as a choir. We will especially focus on Gypsy songs from the Balkans, but will explore many parts of this vast world we live in through our voice.We will teach you the lyrics to those songs, through which you will also learn about different types of rhythms (symmetric, asymmetric, polyrhythmic). We will lightly touch upon the theory but our main focus will be learning the lyrics and rhythms through practice and repetition.Sometimes we will include small percussion instruments if / when necessary, but generally speaking we will mostly use our voice, hands, and body, the most beautiful instruments of all :)

Full Moon Ceremonies

Musikal improvisation

This is improvisation at its finest ! Musicians from the famIKAL invite a Special Guest each time for a unique improvisation ritual, truly manifesting living art.
Instruments include clarinet, guitar, percussions, with Funk, Soul, Oldies, Classics, Low-fi vibes.
An opportunity to connect as a community with our senses, our voices, and most importantly with ourselves and each other.

Yoga by the sea at Ikal Tulum

Musikal Live Band

We are honouring our roots dancing to our guest live bands playing Latin music and Worldbeat. Come enjoy the show and release stagnant energy through movement !Dancing is an impulse of the soul that moves all the cells of your body… You can not explain it, you can just experience it. Meet you on the dance floor !

Yoga by the sea at Ikal Tulum

Live musikal and family jam

Come celebrate with us! Enjoy the MUSIKAL & Family Jam Sessions and take part in this family-friendly gathering.We believe movement and soul-family gatherings are essential to wellness, at the very least, they have been an integral part of our happiness routine !Dancing is known to improve physical and mental health by improving strength, posture, flexibility. It lifts our mood, eases anxiety, and helps build social bonds. What's not to love ? Come dance with us !

Full Moon Ceremonies
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