Musikal Team

Meet our unique staff,  creative team and teachers that collaborate with us. We are multi-talented cosmic family,  Let’s join in co-creation!

Melchior Dumas

Melchior Dumas was born in France in paris. At his early age he began playing saxophone at a jazz school discovering his passion for music. Once a chemical engineer graduated, he realized his dream of traveling the world with his clarinet in his backpack and thus met Tulum where he settled several years ago and began to develop his musical projects by deepening his study of Django Reinhardt's Gypsy Jazz on one side, and exploring the rhythms of various parts of the world on the other.Transmission is always at the center of your life, life is like a great school where you learn many things and pass on to others

Gerardo Aguilera

He was born in Mexico City, finds his passion for music since he was a child and has since been his professional path. For him music in addition to being a great passion, has always been an engine and vehicle to live and enjoy many experiences, having with this the opportunity to share with many musicians and top-notch projects important stages of the world.From an early age, he entered the world of teaching and found in it another alternative to transmit this beautiful art and all the benefits it brings.

Eric Marteaur

Eric Marteau is a self-taught Argentine musician, guitarist and composer.His beginnings in music occurred intuitively. At the age of 11 he had his first encounter with the guitar and then embarked on a musical training trip starting from Patagonia to the north of the country, which led him to know the different cultures and influences of Latin American rhythms.In 2018 he published his first solo album ¨ Ciudad del Viento ¨ ~ with the collaboration of numerous and renowned artists from the music scene.In 2020 he published his second independent album ¨Punto Cero ¨ from Mexico, a guitar duet with guitarist Martin Lopez.

Barbara Lujan

Barbara was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a teacher of Body Expression-Dance, Music and Actress. She studied theater at the National University of Mar del Plata and Contact Improvisation with different national and international teachers. In 2016 she created the performing arts company Muevemundos, with which she manages to travel 8 countries in Latin America, performing at festivals, communities, meetings, etc. Bárbara focuses on the search for a free, her own and organic Expression, available to everyone. Allowing a connection of the body, mind and spirit to create and heal.

Juan Pablo

After finding my first vocation in Music and being able to develop in many different areas around it throughout the years, I found my second vocation while working with kids!Borned in Mexico City, studied professional music for more than 5 years and being enjoying Tulum for the last 4 years, working successfully mostly as a music teacher. Also a composer, producer, live musician, counselor and promoter of Art. Always trying to share my knowledge, experience and good vibes the most I can.



Jorge Machado y Teotl

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