Restaura Experience at Ikal

posted on
August 4, 2020

RestAura was birthed from the womb of a collective of people who had their hands in all types of endeavors. From Burning Man camps, art directors, music producers and holistic curators, these colorful nomads banded together in Tulum to curate an experience that transcends the current ambiance and atmosphere of festivals in catering to very specific facets of society. RestAura is a concept that fuses music, holistic activations and the need to regather the global tribe to celebrate in ritual and togetherness.

RestAura launched in early January 2019 with a 4 day experience of food, music, ceremonies, holistic and spirit based group sessions. From family-friendly events, music acts of acoustic live jams, to the electronically aural-pleasing sounds of tribes like Feathered Sun, Superpitcher and Timber Timbre, as well as utilizing the local talent of Tulum like Leo Prakash with his sensual sitar melodies.

RestAura not only emphasized the importance of good music, but also nurturing one’s spiritual journey with practices like Ancestral Healing and Sacred Medicine, Tattoo Ceremonies and Playful Breath and Sound to name a few. RestAura’s modus-operandi is to remind the world that all of us share a common hunger to celebrate, restore, reconnect and elevate. RestAura will continue their crusade every Sunday in the bosom of Ikal Tulum Hotel starting on March 31st of this year, curating your day with inspiring and uplifting events.

Ikal Hotel is conceived as a Sanctuary, a place to live in full harmony with the spirit and to connect with our own nature. The ancestral wisdom that houses this land has been the inspiration to create the place through which we honor this culture.
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