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November 19, 2019

We are conveniently located within the vibrant National Park of Tulum, a secret paradise. This park is a protected area of jungle and beachfront where upon entering, you feel transported to a serene backdrop of the Riviera jungle. Ikal lies between two well-known venues, Pancho Villa and Villa Pescadores. Our location is an easy 5 to 7-minute drive from the center of town, whereupon arriving at the first roundabout of the beach road, you make a left and enter through the gate entrance and pass a few Park staff members. They may ask you where you are going, tell them you’re going to Ikal Tulum Hotel by Pancho Villa. Below are simple directions that will lead you through the park to our location. 

  1. As you are driving through the park road, you will eventually pass Pocna Tulum Hotel on your right-hand side.

  1. Shortly you will pass on the same side, Playa Roca Tulum Camping. Keep going. 

  1. Your second last landmark is Hotel el Paraiso. The very next landmark you will see is Revolucion Pancho Villa. Turn right onto this road.

  1. Upon entering the Pancho Villa road, roughly 3 meters in you will see a second road entrance on the right-hand side with a small palapa hut and a Parking sign. Turn into here and tell the security you are going to Ikal Hotel. 

  1. Drive to the end of this road until you come to a smaller parking lot, with a wooden staircase on your right-hand side. You’ve arrived at Ikal Hotel. 

Use the map link below that you can follow on GPS:


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Enjoy paradise in Ikal hotel
In one of the most beautiful beaches in the world are our six incomparable cabins that will make your stay in Tulum simply magical.