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July 22, 2020

The spacious beauty of Ikal allows us to curate all kinds of adventures within our Mayan Sanctuary. We’ve taken the initiative to bring energy into these unique spaces with an eclectic in-house experience menu that consists of health and conscious based activities. From Pre-Hispanic traditions and ceremonies to yoga classes by the sea, authentic adventures await you here at Ikal. 

Temazcal Ceremony

During sunset every Wednesday, we host the ancient Temazcal Ceremony within our sacred fire area. 

What is a Temazcal?

This is an ancient ceremony that had been practiced by the Pre-Hispanic natives of the Riviera, the Mayans. Similar to the Native American sweat lodge, this ceremony has you within a closed hut in with others in a circle around a fire pit that is filled with heated volcanic rocks. This is much like a steam room, and the intention of the ritual is to sweat out both physical and emotional toxins. 

Cacao Elixir Ceremony

Our energy worker hosts the Pre-Hispanic Cacao Ceremony. This experience consists of sharing an elixir made from the Cacao plant and can be paired with the Temazcal as a way to open the circle, or experienced as a private ceremony.

What is Cacao?

Cacao is an ancient elixir that the Mayan people’s considered the Drink of the Gods; Atlcoatl, or precious water. It was believed that the active substance (theobromine) of the plant could awaken the internal fire of those who drank it and expand one’s heart. It is shared amongst a group as its own ceremony or an addition to a Temazcal Ceremony and other spiritual activities.  


For those who want to invigorate their body as well as their spirit, we host morning yoga sessions on our beach yoga shala platform every Thursday to Sunday at 8:30 am. We collaborate with highly trained yoga teachers who each bring their own essence to their classes, making each session a different form of yoga practice.  

Ikal Hotel is conceived as a Sanctuary, a place to live in full harmony with the spirit and to connect with our own nature. The ancestral wisdom that houses this land has been the inspiration to create the place through which we honor this culture.
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