RestAura Experience 2020, Co-Creating our New Reality

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January 5, 2021

The fire was finally burning and the offerings and intentions already set. The mission: to gather our cosmic family and our most powerful teachers from around the world to DREAM, MANIFEST, and CELEBRATE the blessings of this eccentric, multidimensional, dualistic, yet infinite experience called life. Something big was coming, and we all knew it in some way.

There we were, the musicians, the healers, the elders, the yogis, the astrologers, the chefs, the team, the tribe… Our friends from Tulum, the ones who had traveled from around Mexico, and those who were coming from abroad. The awaited ritual was finally happening, it was now existing in our reality. The portals were open, all of them. We could feel we were inside of a powerful and ancient vortex.

Friday arrived, and so did the first Covid stories. One of the musicians was held at the airport in quarantine on her way to RestAura. She was going to be separated for 14 days for being suspicious of having a mortal virus consuming the world. Confusing, not seemed to be real... The Covid ball was already rolling, but not yet in our world. The final agenda was printed, colorful activated altars ready, candles led; Fire and Ocean stages equipment set; registration, staff, volunteers, attendees, all were in place. RestAura CEREMONIAL was officially ON!

The perfect scenery for our itinerary: medicine music and jamming sessions by healers and producers from all around the globe; the Wixarika and Mayan communities exchanging their harvests and blessed seeds. Tantra and yoga teachers sharing their most precious practices; ancestral dance rituals and their  prayers in movement. Panels and conversations around ethical food sources and supplies, the ecological reality we are facing, and spiritual practices, its tools, techniques and meditations. Activities for kids, a beach cleaning activity hand by hand with #MAKERS... Our father Sun blessing us with his infinite prana, our mother Sea nurturing us with outstanding colours and textures in infinite wavelength drawings, delicious, nutritious and cruelty free food… We were truly co-creating heaven on Earth...But Covid.

Fear and tension were in the air from the ones coming from abroad or cities, we can’t deny it. How should we deal with it? A world-wide lockdown was about to happen/was sort of happening. It was just a matter of turning on our cell phones and there it was, Pandemic drama in our family chat groups, social media, friends, and colleagues all over the world. But worrying and stressing about it was a job already taken, millions of people were already in a fear state, and that was not the reason we were all summed at IKAL during this particular time.

And so it happened, we were effortlessly opening more and more this ancient vortex. We realized we have a greater job to do, a louder call. We realized our spiritual mission is becoming more apparent and it’s bigger than what we pictured so far as a light working collective. We were actively  working at another level and at higher dimensions far and yet connected to this physical reality. Our work impacts not only this world at this time (time is fluid), but that of our ancestors and future generations. RestAura planted a seed for this New Earth we were all shifting into at such a rapid pace. More than a festival, it became a collective prayer of health, unconditional love and conscious evolution at a specific time where it was needed the most.

The tales of such experience are infinite, forever remaining in our unified hearts. To get a glimpse of what this meant to all of us, here are some amazing images and videos @okoproduce filmed for all of us, in contribution with @huairaukay deep mystical music…

ENJOY! And please, if you are feeling the call, join us at our future gatherings and ceremonies. It is our honor to welcome you to IKAL and RestAura’s cosmic family!

Ikal Hotel is conceived as a Sanctuary, a place to live in full harmony with the spirit and to connect with our own nature. The ancestral wisdom that houses this land has been the inspiration to create the place through which we honor this culture.
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