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We want  to introduce you to our unique staff,  creative team and teachers that collaborate with us. We are multi-talented cosmic family,  Let’s join in co-creation!

Yoga Teachers

Hatha Bliss

Arantza Marolas

Aran. Born in Mexico City, moon lover, she lives yoga beyond the mat. Loves the inner journey Yoga has given her the last 6 years. Former Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga teacher, she creates a flow with pranayama, ásana and meditation to release and play with strength and balance.

A life student of the alchemical and mystical side of yoga. Yoga Retreats and Holistic Experiences creator. * Fenix - Inner Strength and determination *



Arun Kolagada

Arun, from Mysuru(India), movement enthusiast with a strong base in yoga and capoeira. His introduction to yoga was at the age of 8, when he studied hatha yoga for 3 months.

In 2012 he was introduced to the ashtanga vinyasa method of practice which connected him to the elements of yoga taking him on a journey to self discovery. He has been sharing his traditional style of practice for over 4 years.


In Flow

Anna Pao Covarrubias

Pao. Born in Mexico. Walking and sharing the Path of Yoga for the past 11 years. Her class is a continuous invitation to embody fluid presence. A space to meet yourself outside labels, limited beliefs or automatized patterns. To know ourselves through breath, to inhabit our bodies with lightness, to practice surrender. She enjoys sharing these beautiful ancient practices as tools to promote self/study and to be reminded that we are already whole. She will hold space and honor whatever stage of the journey you find yourself in. Enjoy the Flow! Currently studying a Yoga Therapist Program accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapist and Co-founder of WAYS @ weareyoungsouls, a travel company dedicated to inspire consciousness "Connection to Spirit we find in Nature".



Andrea Igar

I am a Yoga teacher a lover of Tulum and the ocean. I believe that through holistic practices like yoga and meditation we can achieve a healthier and more balanced state of mind. In my classes, I hope to share with everyone a sense of the energy that we all are and hopefully help you create a connection with oneself.


Yin Yasa Flow

Fernanda Morales

Former dancer and now Yoga Teacher, Fernanda is a movement enthusiast. After an accident that left her immobile for a while, she began a journey to search for a discipline that would fill her heart as much as dance did.

This without knowing that Yoga would be the path she would choose, leading her to much more than just a physical practice, but also a deep exploration to the inner-self.


Kundalini by the Sea

Heather Henninger

Heather Henninger is a lifetime student and humble teacher with a gift for taking esoteric teachings and communicating them in more simplified ways so that they are relatable and applicable. Her mission is to teach tools for removing limitations so that one’s highest potential and greatest happiness is achieved.

Heather is a U.S. certified yoga therapist with a specialty in kundalini yoga, and a Neuro Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy®️ Practitioner and Coach. Her work is a therapeutic fusion of yogic wisdom and modern day psychology for a complete revival of the soul.


Vinyasa Fire & Water

Itzel Olvera

Itzel Olvera has been a practitioner and student of Patanjali's Yoga Eight Fold Path, since eleven years ago. Through out this years she is been learning different branches and styles, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, Nidra, Tantra yoga. Her love and devotion for theses practices took her to India in 2017. Her classes are dynamic, cultivating self-observation, and Svadhyaya - self-study - coordinating breathing and movement, with safe alignments, and responding to the needs of the classroom, in a present and alert sense, creating the magic of meditation in movement.

“When you commit to a regular practice, your body changes, feeling stronger, more balanced and flexible, but it also impacts your spirit in such a positive way that your whole life begins to shine connecting you with the planet. My practice has changed over time and I think it is like a mirror, showing me where I can grow and where I need to accept and practice patience, it has helped me to live life more freely to become a better person”.Itzel teaches Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin yoga.

She offers regular classes, workshops, master classes, retreats and private classes out of Tulum, Mexico.


Vinya Shakti

Sophie Arkana

Sophie teaches a strong & conscious Vinyasa Flow working with the directions of vital energy.
Former presenter & DJ from London, the soundtracks for Sophie's sessions are always especially curated.

Inspired by extensive travels and ancient cultures, Sophie's passion for people & personal development fuses with Buddhist mindfulness & meditation, Ashtanga principles and Kundalini kriyas for friendly, fiery and fluid flows.
Her aim is to bring calm and play to life, exploring the esoteric whilst never afraid of the shadow, having healed herself of ptsd & depression entirely holistically.

Sophie has trained 500 hours in India and London focusing on applied yoga philosophy and inclusivity: yoga for everybody - no matter age, background, gender or race.



Bobby Klein

Each week we are coming together in community to understand ourselves on a deeper level so we can heal the evolution of humanity. In this meditation the focus is to open the heart to spirit and to take the journey to remembering one’s authentic self. Integrating  simple and dynamic forms of meditation, energetic healing techniques and methods of expanded consciousness.

This journey is accompanied by the beautiful and healing music of Bogdan, that will make us travel to the cosmos and come back with knowledge and wisdom. Bobby and Bogdan teach us to move into harmony and abundance and discover our intuitive force.


Danza Ancestral

Kiauitl Ketzalli

Danzante tradicional mexicana, Licenciada en Arquitectura del Paisaje, Fotógrafa, Permacultora,  Instructor de Yoga y Acroyoga.   Desde los 15 años se ha formado con maestros espirituales de diferentes tradiciones nativo americanas principalmente.

Uniendo su profesión y estas enseñanzas ha creado diferentes proyectos con el objetivo de la continuidad y adaptación en este presente, de saberes ancestrales en todas sus dimensiones


Capoeira and Roda

Omar – Coyote

Omar entra en el mundo de la capoeira a los 10 años de edad en Cuernavaca, Morelos  (Mexico). A los 18 años toma un curso de circo en la Escuela Nacional de Cuba (Circuba). Viaja por primera vez a Brasil a los 20 años, en donde obtiene su ciertificado de alumno graduado de la Federação Paulista de Capoeira (Zona Este Cidade Tiradentes). De los 21 años hasta la actualidad viaja a Europa trabajando como acróbata y entrena distintas disciplinas, entre ellas: jiu jitsu brasileño, triatlón, parkour.

A finales de 2019 vuelve a Brasil a seguir con su estudio de la capoeira en Sao Paulo y Rio de Janeiro. Su visión es educar y fomentar el arte y la cultura mediante la capoeira, como forma de expresión y como herramienta para el desarrollo físico mental y espiritual que favorezca el entendimiento colectivo consciente.


Capoeira and Roda

Enrique – Grillo

Enrique Legarreta, born in Mexico City, innate lover of the incredible Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira. He trained 23 years and spent 20 years teaching all over the globe, spreading the magic in key cities such as New York, Santiago de Chile, Río de Janeiro, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Bruges, Berlin, Paris and Tokio.

A nomad soul that carries his passion for the art of Capoeira everywhere he goes.

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