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In our blog, we share weekly content with experiences and learnings from some of the collaborators, healers, teachers and mentors that are part of our community. Don’t miss this unique section, find all these special content.

Tulum's Magic
Here is our Top list of places and things to do and see in Tulum.
Find Us
We are conveniently located within the vibrant National Park of Tulum, a secret paradise
Ikal's Experiences
The spacious beauty of Ikal allows us to curate all kinds of adventures within our Mayan Sanctuary.
Restaura Experience at Ikal
RestAura was birthed from the womb of a collective of people who had their hands in all types of endeavors. From Burning Man camps, art directors, music producers and holistic curators, these colorful nomads banded together in Tulum to curate an experience that transcends the current ambiance and atmosphere of festivals in catering to very specific facets of society. RestAura is a concept that fuses music, holistic activations and the need to regather the global tribe to celebrate in ritual and togetherness.
Enjoy paradise in Ikal hotel
In one of the most beautiful beaches in the world are our six incomparable cabins that will make your stay in Tulum simply magical.