Maia Restaurant


Ikal food experience

We are celebrating IKAL’s renewed restaurant MAÏA, where we use only fresh, organic and local ingredients sourced from Quintana Roo, Yucatan and some other states in Mexico. 

With an emphasis on traditional corn recipes and using ancestral ways of cooking to reconnect with the essence of our culture, Rodrigo Malvido, our stunning chef, crafts an apparently simple but deeply delicious menu. 

Join us daily from 9:00 to 22:00.

Pop-up Market

Every weekend we are sharing outstanding artisanal work in our POP UP MARKET presenting interesting and conscious, sustainable goodies for the personal temples we call home.
PRESENTE ANCESTRALIt’s a space created to celebrate the permanence that our latinoamerican roots still have in our world. A place where the new creative minds and the wisdom of the artisans from this side of the world, unite in an exquisite manner through shapes, textures and colors; that transformed into unique pieces, become the heart of our experience.

Yoga by the sea at Ikal Tulum
Enjoy paradise in Ikal hotel
In one of the most beautiful beaches in the world are our six incomparable cabins that will make your stay in Tulum simply magical.